Cremation urns for ashes

Funeral urns known also as both cremation urns and burial urns contain the deceased individuals’ ashes. Whilst some cremation urns for ashes are buried, others can be kept and used as a trinket for a lasting memorial. In the current day there is a wide variety of cremation urns available, which presents an array of choices for you to choose from when picking a burial urn or urn for memorial purposes. We aim to help you find a suitable product to represent the memory of your loved one in a contemporary and customer-oriented way.

Funeral urns and pet urns

We also offer a range of urns that are suitable for your beloved pets. The Pet urn collection offers urns manufactured from high quality materials and can offer luxurious finishes to suit the individual requirement for all our customers. We understand that pets are part of the family and we mourn our pets in just the same way that we do friends and family. We dedicate time and effort into the design and decoration of these pet urns, to offer you the perfect remembrance of your beloved pet.

Dogs urns – Ashes

A dog urn is a pet cremation urn that is best for the ashes of a pet dog. There are several choices in designs and styles which gives you a lot of options depending on your preference. There are also other urns you can choose from to provide a completely personal touch, perfect for your dog, such as a photo frame urn. Dogs come in many shapes and sizes, so we have a wide range of urn sizes suitable for every kind of dog and we are certain you will find the perfect urn from our range for your pet. Buy your urn for dog ashes now.

Cat urns for ashes

Cat urns for ashes offer a magnificent and distinctive way to celebrate the life of your beloved companion. Our cat urns are designed to depict the life of your friendly companion. We also offer cat urns that can match the specific breed of your beloved pet. Each cat cremation urn can hold the entire ashes of most cats.

Small urns for ashes

If you plan to use a cremation service, it is important to have an idea of the amount of ashes will be remaining after the cremation. The anticipated volume of the ashes can help you choose a suitable urn for your loved one. The average amount of ash left over after the cremation for an adult is approximately 3 to 3.5 liters or 183 to 213 cubic inches. We offer sizes to suit all requirements, whether you wish to spread some ash and store a remainder or if you wish to keep all the ashes.

Urns for cremation ashes

Some funeral urns, cremation urns for ashes for example, can look traditional. These days, there are a wide range of cremation urns available on the market and choosing one, or an ash casket, which you are satisfied with is an exclusively personal choice. You may prefer an urn or ash casket with a more modern-day appearance. It is more commonly seen these days that people take the ashes home in a temporary container to be able to make a good choice later as most urns or keepsake urns are placed at home.